Easy, quick and safe constructions with tools by 3DCS

Features of the Basic Tools:

Parts & Assemblies

Visible/Invisible with one click
No annoying right-clicks and searching the command "visible" and "supress" in the context menu. Multi select and inverting is possible.
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Physics: main dimensions, weight, material
Quick display of how big and heavy the entire component / assembly is without having to switch to iProperties
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New sketch on workplane with center point (0,0) and axes
Zero point and axes are not projected but automatically drawn and made dependent. This is important to be able to preserve all constraints when copying.
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Copy sketch
User-defined parameters stay retained
with multicopy several sketches can be copied into one sketch
Selection of the target workplane
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Flush constraints
Install one or several components and modules at once in a concealed manner in an assembly with all basic levels (YZ, XZ, XY) with just one click... as quick as it gets!


Align Vertical / Horizontal of drawing objects
Quickly align view headings, and other elements (no dimensions)
Special characters Ø, M and reference dimension
Insert without having to open the text editing window with one click
Delete all lost dimensions
delete all dimensions that have been lost due to model changes (magenta colored dimensions) with one click


iLogic+ Additional functions
iLogic + is an add-on with useful additional features for programming iLogic rules